Period panties VLPT02790

Lepel Period panty

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Tired of using sanitary pads?

Lepel has created these absorbent briefs that can be worn every day of the cycle and in all phases of life in which you need absorbency.

It is worn like normal briefs but, thanks to the 5 layers of protection, it is able to ensure the absorbency you need, without odours.

Freshness and comfort assured.

The 4 layers of protection that make up the gusset of the Lepel cycle briefs are

- an outer layer in cotton

- a waterproof intermediate layer

- a double absorbent inner layer

- a layer in contact with the skin in perforated fabric that allows quick drying.

It can normally be washed in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry after rinsing it in cold water and can simply be hung out or put in the dryer at low temperatures.

Do not bleach or use fabric softeners

Being a washable, and therefore reusable, panty, it ensures a low environmental impact and allows you to reduce the consumption of absorbent products.


Bottom composition: 83% cotton - 11% polyamide - 6% elastane Gusset composition: 62% cotton - 36% polyester - 2% elastane


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