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Pantyhose Piper 15 denier nude with small design makes

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15 denier ultra-sheer tights with bare bodice and soft elastic waistband.

He has a very light toe and therefore is ideal for wearing with sandals and has a design on the side of the calf that looks like a tattoo.

Antiallergic treatments both to the yarn and to the color have been made on this tights.

The charm of its elegance enhances femininity.


92% Polyamide - 8% elastane.


Taglia Descrizione
1 size 40-42
2 Size 42-44
3 Size 44-46
La corrispondenza delle taglie è puramente indicativa e fa comunque riferimento alla numerazione italiana. In caso di dubbio non esitate a contattarci per maggiori chiarimenti.


The brand is guarantee of quality and wearability. We chose to create a line with our brand to offer products designed to meet the needs of our customers.

With the logo have been produced pantyhose for men and footless tights or leggings for women.

The brand is not only hosiery, with it we also offer handmade leather products like bags, keychains and phone holder with a unique design made ​​entirely by hand under the supervision of our stylist Mirella.

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